RJW Consulting

Strategic Business Management, Strategic Communications, Reputation Management, and Corporate Affairs


After more than 35 years working worldwide in a multiplicity of businesses, Rafael Jaen Williamson teamed-up with an elite group of senior professionals to create RJW Consulting, a full-service boutique consultancy, specialized in Strategic Business Management, Strategic Communications, Reputation Management, and Corporate Affairs.

RJW is an agile consulting firm that adapts to client’s needs to assess and identify opportunities and challenges for meeting their business goals, enhance the brand positioning and ensure their social license to operate with sustainable growth, and long-term competitiveness.


Strategic Business Management​

Our preferred methodology is the Organizational Design (OD), which seeks to instill a high-performance organizational culture, in a systematic manner, focused on the technical and human aspects of improving processes and policies, structures and businesses systems. Implementing our Virtuous Cycle® is a key tangible deliverable in our approach.

The goal is to achieve Operational Excellence by means of improving the organizational capabilities and the overall sustainable productivity of the company. Our holistic and structured approach is generally executed in a series of interventions.


Strategic Communications

In RJW we believe a strategic integrated communications plan, including all the stakeholders, is the most powerful tool to support the business objectives and a proper brand positioning.

To deliver the best fit-for-purpose solution to our clients, we work with a deep diagnosis, which allows us to decide the better methodology and framework that applies to the case – Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Potter, and others.

We assist clients in the whole process, from planning to execution, including the development of tactic plans, such as: digital, brand repositioning, institutional presence, and others.


Reputation Management

We support organizations with a systematic approach to understand their risks through a rigorous assessment, which consists of gap identification – risks and vulnerabilities – following with a gap-closing plan, entailing a series of proactive measures to mitigate potential situations that could impact the business.

At the end of our interventions the clients are provided with a comprehensive system of tools and processes and the necessary capability to be able to sustain a proactive reputation management process.


Corporate Affairs

We guide organizations to create a robust Integrated Stakeholder Management System for managing relationship with key stakeholders and stakeseekers.

In RJW we believe that organizations require a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement in order to build positive and mutually beneficial business relationships. The strategy needs to be integrated into the business cycle in order to be sustainable.




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